13 January 2013 – I have just finished “Heart of a Beast” and it made a refreshing change from “Fifty Shades of Grey” and my James Patterson books. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters came to life and I was captured by the storyline and wanted to keep reading to find out what happened next. The characters were easily brought to mind and their challenges during those difficult times  were intriguing. Please pass on my comments and a big thank you for this holiday read. I will pass it on to Mum. –
Mrs. Hilly ( Mrs. Hilly was given a copy of Heart of a Beast at a company Christmas function!)


wonderful November 29, 2012 By Bronte – Awesome cover. Genuinely uplifting and love the characters inside this story. Please buy and read it, you will not regret it.  


Excellent Reading November 25, 2012 By Christine Smith – Love the historical aspect of this novel. The words flowed and with the Norfolk Island setting, created wonderful imagery in my minds-eye. Easy to read. Loved the story. Very well written and researched. Well done Josephine!

Loved it, November 25, 2012 By naomib – I think this book was great, I could not put it down once I started reading it.
I would normally not read a book about convicts and I am not into history,because of the high reviews decided to give it a try .
This book made me want to learn more about Norfolk island and convicts
I also can’t wait for her next book.

Stayed up all night! November 18, 2012 By Romantic at heart – Loved reading this book and actually stayed up late to finish it! The writer’s ability to transport the reader into the realities of life during this penal era made the characters come alive. Particularly loved the final pages. Have also discovered the writer’s website and highly recommend it for those interested in learning more about this fascinating period of our history.

17th November, 2012 by Christina  (Ireland)- Beautiful book Josephine. You got inside the heads of officials and convicts alike. Felt I was there with them when I was reading it.

A must read for history romantics, November 14, 2012 By Gregz – A captivating novel of love and deceit set amidst the historical tyranny of Norfolk Island’s convict past. A must read for someone who wants to understand what life was really like for the convicts, as well as their jailers. Well researched.
If this is her first book, can’t wait for another.

Could not put down, November 13, 2012 By historybuffI purchased this book, on release date and had to wait til weekend to read, could not put down, a tale of love, betrayal, and a twist, thought I had the ending half way through, but no. It makes history come a live, how one human being can do these things to another, makes your skin creep. A Norfolk island visit for me soon. A great book waiting for the next one.

November 11, 2012  by Trish – I started reading your novel yesterday morning … and finished reading it yesterday afternoon. I really enjoyed it and felt as though I was there on the island with them, and you really took me back in time. It is very fast moving and ‘alive’ and I was keen to find out what would become of them all.

Heart of a Beast November 10, 2012 By Gaildonella -I purchased this book yesterday and have not been able to put it down, have just finished reading it and the author has taken me on a journey, that has made me laugh and cry. It is a story of love and betrayal, so believable that I was tempted to try and research the people involved. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in our convict history.

Google November 2012

Josephine sets the scene well drawing the reader into the mystery and intrigue of her novel. Her accurate descriptions of Norfolk Island add depth to her tale and her well researched historical facts lead the reader into an enjoyable adventure. Well worth the read (unknown reviewer)

2 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Amanda Butcher said:

    I started reading this book after Josephines Husband recommeded it to me.
    I loved this book, You get lost in the characters and can imagine yourself actually there in each scene. Its beautifully written and has you feeling all sorts of emotions throughout the story.
    Its a story of Love and Betrayal with a great twist and lots of history behind it.
    Well worth the read and i look forward to her next book

  2. Debra Condon said:

    I finished “Heart of a Beast” in four days. I could not put the book down for long, I just had to finish it to find out what happened. I love reading historical stories, but do not like romance. This is the first historical romance I have finished reading. I love the fact it is not filled with sexual descriptions. I thought of quite a few endings for the story but was amazed at how Josephine ended it. I have recommended to all my friends and look forward to her next book. Hurry and write it please!!

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