Heart of a Beast

“Heart of a Beast” is the story of one man’s guilty conscience and his intense feelings of jealously, one woman’s undying love and the man who is the centre of both their pain.

Separated by circumstance but destinies forever intertwined, fate determined that they meet once again on Norfolk Island, a harsh penal colony in the South Pacific.

One now a soldier, EDMUND THORNTON, glorying in his new found powers of control, one a convicted felon, MICHAEL HANLAN, paying a high price for being a man of his word. The last, the ward of a Judge, SARAH HENSHALL, torn between the love of the two men.

Sarah’s unexpected arrival on the island sets into motion a series of tragic events.

Increasingly losing touch with reality Edmund sets out to destroy Michael in an attempt to win Sarah’s heart.

Can Edmund slay the beast of jealousy and find redemption through Sarah’s love? Or must he accept his fate and commit the ultimate act of sacrifice for the woman he can no longer live without?

1 thought on “Heart of a Beast”

  1. Kevin Mann said:

    Congratulations Josephine – Cannot wait to read – Am sure “Heart of a Beast” will be a best seller ! Once again – Congratulations on seeing your passion turn into reality !!!

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