Book Launch

Well, we call it a ‘Book Shower’ because we like to think of it as celebrating the birth of a new book into the world, just as you would celebrate the birth of a new baby.
The birth of
Heart of a Beast
by Josephine de Moor
will be celebrated in fine fashion on the 7th December, 2012 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at The Stonyfell Wine Cellars, Old Stonyfell Winery Complex, Stonyfell Road,
Stonyfell, South Australia
Besides having the opportunity to meet the author of
what would a visit to a Cellar Door be without wine tastings.
All lovers of historical fiction and good wine welcome!
RSVP 26th November, 2012

Heart of a Beast will be available as an ebook on from 9th November,2012
Paper back copies can be pre ordered at where there is a BUY NOW button.
Pre order and get 25% discount. You will receive your copy by post as soon as it is released in December 2012.



In 1847 the love for a woman and a debt of honor threatens to destroy two men in the harsh penal colony of Norfolk Island.

Driven by intense jealousy and guilt, soldier Edmund Thornton, sets out to destroy convicted felon, Michael Hanlan, both of whom share the love of Sarah Henshall, whose unexpected arrival on the island sets into motion a series of tragic events.

Can Edmund slay the beast of jealousy and find redemption through Sarah’s love? Or must he accept his fate and commit the ultimate act of sacrifice for the woman he can no longer live without?

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